Sad truth .. 

World currently host more than 7 billions people. Population divided into different ethnic groups. These People belongs to many countries in seven continental area. Some countries are bigger than others. And some countries are very influential and powerful. Some countries hold much greater % of natural resources but still very poor due to lack of humanity and corruption. Other countries do not have such resources in their respective premises.but somehow they managed it well. 

We are suffering from shortage of foods and water. UN categories us (countries) into three groups . first word , second world , third world. 

  • First world : the living standards of these People are very high, with proper healthcare facilities, Provided most quality education, good housing facilities. Community corp with less corruption. And are economically stronger. No shortage of material and foods.
  • Second world: depends on loan facilities, poorly managed resources, majority of People cannot afford a doctor, expensive education system,  etc.  
  • Third world: when people talk about poorest countries of the world they often refer to them  third world countries. In these countries, millions people live below poverty line. 

There are more than 700 millions of people around the world who fight against hunger. While rich country’s spend billions of dollars for weapons. Intentionally ignoring those who are in needs. The world we are living is so cruel and full of selfish People’s. It’s sad that we forgotten the real purpose of life. And it’s painful to see our fellow humans are suffering just infront of our eye. Yet we are seems rejoicing here by grabbing wealth of those helpless people. 

Each one of us are responsible for the situation. We create this mess. running a campaign against poverty once a year is not enough. We should not isolate them like dangerous animals. We should treat them more humanly , and help to improve their life. 

It’s now believed millions of people were already displaced in middle East alone. 


I stand with Qatar

To attain a bloody dream of Saudi Arabia, it has launch a wave of sunctions against Qatar. Saudi call its Allies to follow Saudi Arabia.According to Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister  Qatar is a terrorist nation which support and provide funds to Palestinian group hamas, hisbolla, ikhuvaan_ul_Muslim of Egypt. So far Egypt, Bahrain, UAE ,Maldives, and other  few country’s cuts it’s diplomatic ties with Qatar. 
This unconditional loyalty from these countries for saudi are difficult to understand. Saudi feigned the fact that their one and only goal is to destroy Qatar like Yemen.  We have a very good reason to believe in this, because Qatar is wealthiest nation among Arab states. It provide gas, and electricity freely available to its citizens. And probably Qatar is the only state which is tax free in the world. Rivals don’t want see this. They can’t let Qatar to be a developed nation in the region. Living conditions of Qatar is far more better than those which stand against it. Qatar is a peaceful’s people are well educated. Have world class health facilities which covered all of its people. No one is left, all covered.

This ridiculous plan to isolate Qatar, came from House of saud, Israel and America. The only purpose of this is to protect the fucking kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I’m very glad to see turkey and Irakingdom necessary precautions to protect Qatar from devilish Saudi Arabia. I stand with Qatar.! 

Black tea 

My love for black tea will never die. I love it because of its wonderful tast. Almost all of my friends like coffee. I don’t .. According to them it boots our energy and keep you up all day.  But it’s side effects couse more harm to your body. So much caffeine and sugar cause so much problem to your body . black tea also contain caffeine but not that much. 

As you know that every thing comes with advantage and disadvantages. If you googled about black tea. It will show you number of pages with expart knowledge. See ! Black tea is healthy drink. I’m not going to mention about that benefits in here.


There is more terrifying fact about these friends of mine. Spending so time in various cafe with coffee and cigarette make them feel so proud. And they believe it may attract girls. Lol … With latest mobile phones and other expensive gadgets doesn’t show the the quality of your personality. And I hate it so much. We talked about this topic in so many times. I always disagree with them. But in this post I’m not gonna write about the fency lifestyle of my beloved friends .. 


I love to start my day with hot black tea, without suger.ugh I hate suger !!  I drink black tea very often.. Believe me it would make you feel better. 

 I hope that my future wife will tolerate it. 🙂 .. 

Change your attitude 

When we talk about problems we face in our society, always endup by blaming each other. It seems like no body knows what’s wrong with us .. Or intentionally ignore the fact that we are the source of the problem. We need to see this in another perspective. Some says that our problems are unique and it cannot be solved by adapting a foreign Best practice’s on the same matter. I cannot agree with them. ! 

Why ?? We are unique but it doesn’t mean that I cannot apply the same idea that you used to solve that exact same problem. Okay your not allowed to do so.. Find another way to convince them that your idea is more reliable then other.   But first we should accept the differences among us. And respect everyone’s faith accordingly. If you cannot prove your faith logically, then let it go. You shouldn’t get stuck in that Bullshits. Because you deserve much better tomorrow. 

If you had a feeling that your obligated to protect it at any cost and your willing to confront them with force. Just because they say no to your terible idea. Then your wrong. It will not contribute your couse. And exigently get ride of those feeling. Because its not the way we solve our problems. Think twice Before it destroy you.

Instead of blaming them,show some love, smile when you see your neighbor. And keep smiling.lend a helping hand when they are in trouble. And remember sometimes you need to compromise you’re own interest’s  for the goodness of  society. Soon you will see the changes. Start it from you.  Instead of hate, Spread love, kindness. Change your attitude toward others.